By reflecting the heat back inwards, the wasted heat created by the pumps and other components can be recycled. The heat is then used to help maintain the temperature through heat transfer via the vast amounts of plumbing; this assists in reducing overall running costs. The use of the new foil-coated cabinet panels also reflects the cold air out of the hot tub, whilst bouncing the heat back inwards, giving a double advantage. The end user should notice a considerable difference in the heat retained in the hot tub as well as a reduction in energy costs.

About Our Spas


All Favells Spas come with wood composite side panels, perfect for all weather conditions. The spas side panels are easily changeable in case of damages caused by the end user. We only use high quality components which are industry leading in the spa industry.

About Our Spas


Favells Spas use USA Aristech Acrylic on all spas; the brand supplies acrylic sheets to the world’s leading spa brands for the manufacturing of hot tubs and swim spas. The Aristech Acrylics brand has blended innovation, manufacturing expertise and industry-leading customer service, to become the preferred brand of acrylic sheet for spa OEMs, fabricators and designers worldwide.

About Our Spas


We use Balboa or Gecko as our control systems, recognised globally for their high quality and innovation always providing the latest technology. On every Favells Spas hot tub, and we use Balboa and Gecko heaters, control panels and control board.

Favells Spas hot tubs come with WIFI as an option where the customer can control the hot tub from any 3G enabled location. With colour screen and directional key pads end users can go through their settings and have their hot tub set up perfectly for their needs with ease.

About Our Spas


Every Favells Spas spa comes with ozone as standard; an electronic sanitizer for your hot tub. It is a powerful oxidant and helps destroy bacteria, viruses and algae that may be present in the water of your hot tub.

An ozonator reduces the need for chemicals although it doesn’t replace them entirely. It purifies naturally, producing ozone from the atmosphere just using electricity to generate the UV light.

Ozone in your hot tub can reduce maintenance time and cost, prolong equipment life and can reduce smells from chloramines. Some people believe that ozonised water also feels softer to their skin.

About Our Spas


Favells take pride in our spa components used, this is why we use LX pumps. LX is equipped with the industry’s most advanced quality testing, inspection equipment. The spa pumps provide a powerful massage working with the jet layout and quantity to leave you feeling relaxed and revitalised.